Community Giving

Our vision is to deliver energy with purpose. As we build the infrastructure that delivers cleaner energy to the world, we want to also help build an inclusive economy, one that enables a fair playing field and vibrant future for everyone. With our vision, mission and values to guide us, we fund innovative approaches in communities where our employees live and work.

We have adopted three strategic priorities that, together, can help advance social progress over time. We also support community involvement in San Diego and other places where we are active in the community.

Climate Action

One of our values is to do the right thing. This means we're guided by strong business ethics and are willing to stand up for what's right.

A clean environment is critical to a healthy and vibrant future for everyone. From carbon sequestration and reforestation to green spaces and gardens, we aim to help create bluer skies and a cleaner environment. Our aspiration is to help shape a future where human impacts on climate and the environment are minimized.

We invest in programs or projects that:

  • Avoid, reduce, absorb, or sequester carbon
  • Restore and/or increase green spaces, especially in urban communities
  • Focus on nature-based carbon offsets, such as reforestation, sustainable farming and food and the restoration of critical habitats and wetlands

Diversity & Inclusion

One of our values is to champion people. This means embracing diversity and inclusion at the systems level.

We know that when people are encouraged and empowered to be their authentic selves, it elevates performance. When communities prioritize these principles, positive social progress can be advanced. Our aim is a world where fairness and inclusiveness are standard, and where all voices and perspectives can be heard and appreciated.

We invest in programs or projects that:

  • Provide training, education and expertise in D&I, equity, unconscious bias and/or cultural competency in communities
  • Increase participation and representation in communities, including engagement in civic affairs, advocacy, and decision-making
  • Create equitable systems and a fair playing field within communities

Economic Prosperity

One of our values is to shape the future. And when we think about the future, we know we want to live and work in thriving communities.

For an individual, a vibrant future often begins with employment and opportunities for advancement. For a community, it often begins with a plan, investment, and growth from within. Our aim is to contribute to community development and help create economic prosperity for all.

We invest in programs or projects that:

  • Promote skills training and workforce readiness, helping prepare people for jobs and career advancement
  • Support the growth of diverse businesses in underinvested communities
  • Provide access to tools, resources and mentoring to help advance progress
Employees volunteer on a neighborhood beautification project, benefiting low-income residents in City Heights
Employees fundraise for world-class cancer research by participating in Pedal the Cause

Community Giving Across Our Companies

The Sempra Energy Foundation has recently focused resources on the devastating winter storm in Texas, contributing $1M to non-profit organizations supporting affected communities. The Foundation also supports employees by matching their gifts of time or money to eligible 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

Across the Sempra family of companies, we support communities in foundational ways. Giving at IEnova, Oncor, SDG&E, Sempra LNG and SoCalGas aligns with the longstanding strengths of our utilities and infrastructure companies, with a wide range of grants made in support of the environment, education, economic development, emergency preparedness and safety, to name a few.

$42 million

in community giving by the Sempra family of companies and the Sempra Energy Foundation in 2020.

Over $5.5 million

matched by the Sempra Energy Foundation over the last five years to contributions made by employees.


donated to employees' favorite charities in 5 Days of Giving holiday program.