July 23, 2020

Respecting Biodiversity Helps Sempra Deliver Energy with Purpose

Just outside the town of Hackberry, Louisiana, Sempra LNG and its partners have built — and continue to build — significant energy infrastructure, operated by Cameron LNG.

To offset the impacts of construction, and in response to community needs, Cameron LNG has partnered with local groups to fund biodiversity-focused programs. These programs help create a healthier ecosystem: they enhance wetlands, improve fisheries and protect bird habitat.

One example: a collaboration with Ducks Unlimited restored 900 acres of eroded marshland in Black Lake. Adding vegetation terraces to the lake helped reduce wave action, created waterfowl habitat and improved water clarity.

Additionally, in consultation with residents, state officials, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Cameron LNG has been able to repurpose dredged material to create more than 500 acres of tidal marsh and emergent wetlands. Periodic maintenance dredging is expected to create an additional 13,000 acres of viable wetlands during the life of the facility.

Protecting biodiversity is a vital part of our vision to deliver energy with purpose.