March 13, 2019

Secretary Pompeo and CEO Jeffrey Martin on Role of US Energy Exports

“We’ve transformed this nation into an energy powerhouse that few people yet fully understand,” said Jeffrey Martin, chairman and CEO of Sempra Energy, in a Wall Street Journal article published yesterday. “It’s a different phase for our country.”

The article discusses Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s keynote speech at CERAWeek, a conference held in Houston that includes thousands of energy executives, analysts and government officials from across the globe. Pompeo’s speech focused on the importance of U.S. energy exports, and recognized Sempra Energy’s contributions to this mission through its progress on liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.  Sempra’s goal is to bring cleaner, affordable energy to the world and improve the energy security of U.S. allies.

Martin also participated in a roundtable meeting with Pompeo and 20 other energy executives at the conference.

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