July 11, 2019

Sempra Energy Talks LNG Opportunities with Senate Committee

Dennis Arriola Discusses 'Permian to Pacific' Highway and Global Demand for U.S. LNG

Two months since Sempra Energy announced the first production of liquefied natural gas from the jointly-owned Cameron LNG facility, the company joined a panel of experts in a special hearing with the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Dennis Arriola, executive vice president and group president for Sempra Energy, addressed the important role of U.S. LNG in evolving global markets.

“The U.S. is well positioned to be the global leader in energy exports,” said Arriola. “LNG exports provide a path to a cleaner environment worldwide, a reduction in our trade deficit with other countries, an opportunity to build stronger international relationships, all while creating jobs in the U.S. and improving our domestic economy.”  

Arriola’s testimony focused on U.S. LNG supply, the impact to the U.S. economy, how LNG exports can reduce trade deficits and benefit foreign relations, and the environmental benefits of LNG. 

“When our two projects in Baja California are completed, they will connect with pipelines from Texas to help form the ‘Permian to Pacific’ highway and will help reduce the time it takes for U.S. natural gas to get to Asian markets to approximately 12 days. This will help the U.S. be even more competitive in the global LNG market.”

— Dennis Arriola, executive vice president and group president, Sempra Energy

Sempra Energy is pursuing five strategically located LNG opportunities in North America, with a goal of delivering 45 million tonnes per annum of clean natural gas to the largest world markets, and the ability to dispatch LNG into both the Atlantic and Pacific basins. Those projects include: Cameron LNG Phase 1, which began producing LNG in May; Cameron LNG Phase 2; Port Arthur LNG in Texas; and Energía Costa Azul LNG Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Mexico.  

“The role of LNG exports in the U.S.’s global energy leadership is larger than any of us can imagine. Energy is focused on helping our country realize its full energy potential by being a leader in the LNG export market,” concluded Arriola.

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