August 06, 2020

Video: Interview with CEO Jeff Martin on CNBC Covers Strong Q2 Results

Jeffrey Martin, chairman and chief executive officer of Sempra Energy, recently appeared on CNBC’s show, Mad Money, to speak with Jim Cramer about the company’s strong second-quarter 2020 earnings results.

Cramer opened the interview discussing the strategic transformation that Sempra Energy has executed over the past two years under Martin’s leadership. Martin shared that Sempra is focused on capital investments in top-tier North American markets – California, Texas, Mexico and the LNG export market.

“There’s so much value in simplifying your business,” said Martin. “We’ve been able to concentrate our investments in the most attractive markets, all with the goal of producing better financial returns.”

The interview also covered Sempra Energy’s investments in transmission and distribution, long-term LNG opportunities and the promising future of hydrogen.

Watch a clip of the interview below and read Sempra Energy’s second-quarter 2020 earnings press release for more information on how the company is advancing its mission to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.