May 10, 2019

Video: Sempra Energy’s Vision, Mission and Values

“From our senior leadership team, to our employees in the field, our vision, mission and values should serve to unite all of us.”

Jeffrey Martin, chairman and CEO of Sempra Energy

Sempra recently debuted its new vision, mission and values, which were created using input from employees at all levels of the company.

Delivering Energy With Purpose

Sempra Energy’s vision is to deliver energy with purpose.

“We’re united by a shared sense of purpose,” said Jeffrey Martin, chairman and CEO of Sempra Energy. “In fact, it’s purpose that informs our approach to making a positive impact. We know that improving the lives of those we serve also helps make our company even more valuable for our stakeholders.”

Becoming North America’s Premier Energy Infrastructure Company

Sempra Energy’s mission is to be North America’s premier energy infrastructure company.

The company’s “path to premier” includes excellence in six key areas: world-class safety; energy choice, security and reliability; innovation and technology; talented, diverse and engaged workforce; financial excellence; energy leadership with purpose.

Do the Right Thing, Champion People, Shape the Future

Doing the right thing, championing people and shaping the future represent Sempra Energy’s core values and will help to create a high-performance culture at the company.