Strategic Initiatives

We believe the global energy ecosystem is going to change dramatically over the next 30 years. In advanced economies, this will take the form of innovation and technology that improves energy efficiency and supports a shift toward new, smart renewable and natural gas infrastructure. This will likely include significant developments in hydrogen, energy storage, alternative-fueled vehicles, renewable natural gas and other technologies.

By investing in infrastructure in North America, we improve the energy systems that serve local communities, while enabling the export of LNG to global markets. Our infrastructure supports improved reliability and affordability, enables reductions in carbon intensity and contributes to a safer and more sustainable energy future. This creates jobs and economic growth here at home, improves the U.S. trade balance and provides lower-carbon energy alternatives to the world.

Sempra will continue to drive responsible strategies to meet the evolving market need for sustainable, resilient and affordable energy. This is critical to our ability to deliver longterm, sustainable value to all our stakeholders.