Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership

Sustainability Report

Sempra’s disciplined approach to capital allocation, innovation and operational excellence along with our high-performing culture position us well to continue our leadership role in the energy transition.

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Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership is Sempra’s latest corporate sustainability report.

This report is divided into five sections:

  1. Advancing the Energy Transition outlines the role Sempra and our infrastructure will play as we chart our path to net-zero emissions.
  2. Creating Responsible Governance describes the role of our board of directors and our governance and risk management practices.
  3. Protecting the Environment and Advancing the Circular Economy details our efforts related to biodiversity, land use, water, waste and supply chain management.
  4. Serving Our Stakeholders provides an overview of how we engage with our shareholders and all our other stakeholders.
  5. Sustainability Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prioritizes Sempra’s performance under our four sustainability pillars; the KPIs describe measurable achievements.

For more information about our goals and our commitment to sustainability, explore the report.

At Sempra, we will continue to play a leading role by investing in the critical new infrastructure that is needed to create the net-zero energy systems of tomorrow.
Jeffrey W. Martin, Chairman & CEO